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The Last Wild Thing

                She only wanted to play, but her imagination got the better of her and after a rambunctious bout of pirate ship, she’s sent to her room by her father.  Shortly after, she discovers a treasure trove of antiques in her attic, one being a magic carpet which acts as a portal to the land of the wild things.  Once there, she meets a new friend, Coryn, and they find all the wild things have been turned into silent things and forced to eat fruit from the Ho-Hum tree.

                A foreign queen has conquered and tamed them.  Julia and Coryn set off to free the wild things and show them how to be wild once more.  In the process, she discovers the troubling history of the land and how she’s connected through blood.

*Written in the world of Maurice Sendak's, "Where the Wild Things Are."

Last Wild Thing Cover.jpg
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