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Sisters Rebound

      This story begins in the aftermath of Julia’s Wake, exploring the consequences of her actions as she tries to atone.  Life changes for Julia as her eyes open to the gravity of decisions and the power behind them.  She finds herself caught in a political game as others seek to capitalize on her potential position for their own means while fighting the black tide sweeping across the realms, destabilizing the way of life for all who inhabit the Realms. 

      Friction frays the ties that bound her friends as they place the needs of The Realms before her personal concerns in the face of a powerful enemy leading the armies of their cloaked enemy.  As she grows strong with prolonged exposure to The Realms, Julia tries to balance her immediate needs with the need of the people she’s grown to care for.

      She may have to learn the burden of loyalty and how vague the line between right a wrong becomes when stakes rise beyond a bleak horizon.

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