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                 A deal of a lifetime, Julia’s unborn sister for a magical compass.  When the goblin Degreese gives her the compass, she whisks off to new lands called The Realms, where strange creatures populate all manner of homes from hovels to palaces in landscapes from deserts to jungles.

                When there, she meets a world of creatures stranger than magic trading goblins and befriends Khaspir, a life-sized, blade wielding guinea pig.  She embarks on a mission to help him find his brother.  Along the way she discovers a connection with The Realms that coax abilities long dormant in her blood, abilities that cause a stir in a land in the midst of change, a shift brought on by a cloaked presence that means doom for the realms.    Whispers of the Wyrmkins’ return circulate as her deeds spread, which draw powerful eyes and ire from those that dwell in the light and those that shun it. 

                Her journey teaches her about the price of power, one she may regret paying in the end.

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